CARP (Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles)

Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) was the campus organization for the movement. Members able to go to college were sent to start a chapter at a college or university. They often faced confrontation and opposition from Christian groups and sometimes physical attacks from communist groups on campus. For many years Hyo Jin Moon, Rev Moon’s eldest son, led CARP. HARP was the high school branch.

Cain is our savior

by Jose Fragosa February 25, 2018 Jose shares some experiences that show that Cain and Abel is most challenging and that we are saved, not by the Messiah, but rather by Cain.

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by Eric Richardson I remember after a fundraising condition when we got Christmas off, but the week after was solid until New Year's Eve. Then we were supposed to go to LA to spend God's Day with the rest of California CARP. But the captain of our fundraising team...

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Jack is his same self

by Jack Whedbee  One time, I brought a carp-mft team to visit my family, as we passed thru Georgia. Naoko was the team mom. My older sister was freaking out at how much I had changed. But then Naoko asked my mom if she thinks I had changed much. Mom said- No, Jack is...

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I punched the captain in the face

by Mike McShane Christmas eve, in Connecticut, New Haven ,around 1983, just invited to spend Christmas with another Carp member’s family there, and my dad on the operating table in Chicago for a cancer surgery, that was a desperate day, for me , icy cold wet slush all...

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Skipping away the pain

by Hil Llanto I overcame close to death experiences and injuries. I was young, in1991, had recently joined our church. I was with CARP in New York at the time, at a workshop. Dr. Seuk took us skiing for three days. It was a first time for me skiing, and I got injured....

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