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IOWC (International One World Crusade)

The International One World Crusade (IOWC) was an evangelical team of members from Europe, Asia and America and later including later nations. Usually travelling ahead of a speaking tour to hold rallies and bring people to local programs. Twenty people sleeping on the floor in one room was not uncommon, and the bathroom was the only privacy available.

What’s in a dream?

by Caroline Cecile September 1,20107 My life took a drastic turn from the moment I found God, and nine month later (yes, nine months as a baby growing inside its mother’s womb till it is ready for a new world).. I remember the image that crossed my mind when I first...

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From MFT to IOWC

by Sam Harley August 25, 2017 Going from 5 years of MFT to an IOWC team was an abrupt transition. There were several things to get used to. First, fundraising (unless you were at a flower stand) involved a lot of physical activity. You were walking or running wherever...

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Frozen roses

by Jennifer Espendola I was on IOWC in the states in the 80´s. We were Atlanta Georgia in one of the coldest winters. The bucket of ice in our motel room never melted. One Christmas day a Japanese sister and I were selling roses just near a 7/11.The wind chill factor...

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The Jewish lady on Christmas

by Seija Kuenzig I remember and never forget the "frontline Christmas" of 1974. I was part of the IOWC 1st Global Team and we were in Los Angeles preparing to go to Japan in January, 1975. On Christmas Day we went witnessing door to door in pairs. I was with...

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$300 for everything you got

by Jose Fragosa I was in the Washington Times when Father went to Danbury prison.  Bo Hi Pak came to speak at the building in Washington, DC.  He said “Now is the chance, if you have been a business member for a long time, to join an IOWC team.” I volunteered, and...

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Sent to South Carolina

by Jose Fragosa It was a time when I was working at Washington Times. We had a big meeting at Capitol gardens in Washington, DC. Bo Hi Pak asked us “Does anybody want to back to the main mission, to witness and fundraise?” IOWC was a good condition, we’d just come...

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