Why we need these stories

We lived in unique times, which we will never see again. Let’s capture them before we ascend, and our stories go with us.

It’s essential for generations to understand each other, and sharing stories is the best way to do it. While we have ideals, it’s another thing to put them into practice, and we can learn from each other’s experiences, victories and mistakes.

This is an ongoing project; I don’t think we’re ever going to run out of stories. We need a place to keep them and hear them.

Tell your story

If you know anyone who has a unique story to tell about the early days, encourage them to write about it. Or put me in touch so I can talk to them.

Write your story down, or dictate it into a recorder, or take a video as you tell it. Gather your photos also so they won’t be lost.

Send us your precious stories and photos.

These are things we must keep alive. We must tell what happened in our lives, the official stories, and the unofficial ones.

How you can help
Contributions will also be used to create the website, visit people’s homes, and put on storytelling events. ┬áVideotaping them will inspire others to start their own groups.