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Following SMM by Herb Myer


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Choose Unification Site and book by Maarten Meijer


FamilyFed International Early members’ testimonies


Memories of Our Father Memories of Our Father is a place where those whose lives have been impacted by True Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, can share their experiences, dreams and spiritual encounters!


Testimonies of many early members This site has many European and American testimonies and also testimonies for members who served in Communists nations as secret missionaries (Project Butterfly).


Audio Testimonies from early members This link has many audio testimonies from European, Korean, Japanese members, among educational links.


Gary Fleisher’s site has many testimonies among a vast resources of educational, historical links.


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My Life with Rev. Sun Myung Moon

by David Kasbow

David Kasbow provides an insider’s view of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church.

Up North: Stories of Alaska

by Michael P Downey

Alaska is the last frontier, ‘The Great Land’ where people go to live out their dreams. Up North: Stories of Alaska is a memoir of the ten years the author spent living and working in Alaska. It covers topics like commercial fishing, sports fishing, hunting, dramatic plane crashes and rescues.

 Tahoe Boy

by Pat Hickey

Tahoe Boy chronicles a man’s daring journey through family, the Catholic Church, boarding school, teenage romance, refusing the Draft, ski bumming, and an arranged marriage by Reverend Moon, and more.

Wronged, Wrecked and Resurrected

by Rev. Lowell C. Ellanson

This new autobiography is an exciting and inspiring read — one that will cause jaws to drop, eyes to open, and breath to stop.

Following the Messiah Paperback

by Patricia Iversen

My personal experiences searching for truth, hearing the Divine Principle, meeting and following Sun Myung Moon. Complete with colour photographs.

On His Shoulders: A Missionary Journey in War-torn Nicaragua

by Marianne Irwin

A refreshing memoir of adventure and faith. As a young woman, Marianne leaves her native land of Germany and embarks on a missionary journey in Nicaragua. During 18 years she embraces the realities of life in the third world. A tumultuous revolution, garnering worldwide attention, erupts around her. She goes through a clandestine evacuation and upon her return experiences the ensuing economic and social disintegration of the country. Through all this, Marianne finds a deep communication with God and together with her husband, Michael, raise their two children and lead many young Nicaraguans to live noble lives.

Bodyguard for Christ

by Gerhard Peemoeller

This opportunity of serving the Messiah as He is walking the earth only comes once in all eternity, and it happened in our lifetime. What a unique privilege to be a Bodyguard for Christ, living every minute in the presence of the True Parents, and on the other hand, what a scary responsibility to guard their precious lives. Without constant prayer and selfless dedication this would have been an impossible task. This eyewitness account of True Parent’s day to day lives is truly unique and priceless for all generations to come

How I ran off to sea and became a Moonie

by Dagmar Corales

Were you ever approached in say Pisa, in the late 1970s, by a neatly dressed German girl, offering you a magazine and asking you for money for her Church? She could well have been Dagmar, the author of these fascinating tales of a young lady swept up in the enthusiasm of a new life with the Unification Church, as she followed the Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, on his special path to world peace and unity through Christian worship.

The Eye of a Needle, My life of faith

by Henry Masters

Henry Masters’ autobiography. A remarkable record of his English country ancestors and his own life of dedicated service under the guidance of Sun Myung Moon.

Memoirs of a Unification Church Photographer

by Ken Owens

Ken Owens shares his experiences while a member of the Unification Church for over forty years, thirty-three of those years as one of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s photographers. Traveling to over fifty countries and forty-eight states, he writes about his experiences of photographing Rev. and Mrs. Moon with presidents, kings, prime-ministers, world religious leaders and Nobel Prize winners. He also shares his personal experiences with God, including a vision, a revelation and dreams.

Remembering Father

by Lloyd Howell

This book is about love, and is the author’s expression of gratitude for his mentor, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Having experienced love’s redemptive and transformative qualities through that relationship, it is the author’s hope that the reader of this work will be similarly renewed and uplifted – even propelled to seek its source – the Creator.

I Am In This Place – Testimonies About Jesus and Sun Myung Moon

Edited by Clark Eberly


A Heart Made Whole: My Spiritual Journey

by Farley Jones

In June of 1966, at age 23, I put my first year of law school behind me, left my upper-middle class home in upstate New York and, with an intent to explore the emerging phenomenon of hippie-dom, drove toward San Francisco. It was a trip that would change my life, lead me to encounter the teachings and personna of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, and ultimately begin a fifty-year journey of healing grounded in the mysterious presence and love of God. This book is an honest description of my journey, of its moments of light and dark, faith and doubt, love and rage, confusion and clarity. My path has been mine alone, but I hope its universal themes may be of help to readers in their own journeys.

New Truth in the Last Days, My 36 Years in the Unification Church

by Shirley Stadelhofer

A housewife and mother of four joined the movement of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and spent the next 36 years dedicating her life for a higher purpose, sacrificing all that she had to pursue a hope and vision for a better world in the future. Her experiences were undoubtedly dramatic, adventurous and profoundly rewarding, yet frustrating and unspeakably difficult.While in the Unification Movement she earned a doctorate in Ministry from New York Theological Seminary and became one of the foremost presenters of the teachings of Rev. Moon to Christian ministers. Her presentation of the teachings is uniquely simple, concise, straight-forward and passionate.

Uncle Mark’s Amazing Adventures: The Lyrics of a Unificationist’s Life

By Mark Hanlon

Mark Hanlon considers himself an ordinary man who carved a unique path in life based on his beliefs. In a fascinating account, Hanlon shares a first-hand glimpse into an adventure initiated in 1976 as he began to gravitate toward Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church movement