Photo Gallery

This site is not only a repository of stories and testimonies of the first generation attending the True Parents but also a place to share photos of activities and events for others to begin to understand our lives. If you submit more than one photo, your photos will be placed in their own gallery.

Below are many galleries. Click a photo to see all the photos in that gallery, one by one.

The first gallery, Robert and Penny Brown gallery, shows what can be done with many pictures.

Share your photos for all to see on your own gallery. Send in your photos on Share your story page.

Ron and Hwa‑Yeop Pine gallery

Curtis Martin gallery

AJ and Carol Takhar gallery

Keith and Katrin gallery

Peter and Catriona Valenta gallery

Joel and Megumi Lindstrom gallery

David Perry gallery

Bruce and Keiko Biddle gallery

Bill and Debra Gertz gallery

Franco Famularo gallery

Joe and Akiko Lee gallery

Simon and Danielle Voelker gallery

Herbert and Angela Sette Eisenbart gallery

Paul and Nancy Bulow gallery

Chris and Eiko Bihary gallery

Walter and Annerose Lowe gallery