Church Centers

Each state in the United States had at least one church center. Many of the larger states had centers in all the major cities of the state. Each state had a State Leader and later after many of the Blessings, they would be led by a Blessed Couple. For many members their missions was working and living in a church center, involved in all their work. The church centers were engaged in witnessing, Divine Principle workshops, fundraising, clergy outreach, church messages to the various media, and outreach to politicians and social leaders on the city and state levels.

Church Centers Gallery

Caroline Cecile, we walked around Brussels

We set a strong condition of walking around Brussels, while praying for the city. We marched like soldiers, like Jericho. I was getting tired and complained in my heart. Later I found one sister was praying for me because she knew I was...

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Taught Sunday School for over 10 years

by Bengt De Paulis Submitted July 31, 2018 Spiritual disclaimer: This presentation ”Creation of DP Slides”, is not to promote me as a person. But to Glorify the Victory that was won long time ago 1935-42 - in Spiritual World by True Father, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon –...

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My Albanian experience Nov-Dec 2013

By Mr. Bengt de Paulis, a Swede living with his Blessed Family in Finland In the spring of 2013, the Nat. Leader of Finland Mr. Yoshizumi and I discussed what to do to get results in church activities. He also knew my desire for life in a warmer climate. ☺ He...

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Rick Joswick, first Featured Testimony

Rick Joswick, We Were There's first Featured Testimony shares about joining the Family, the Unification Church in 1973. Part 2 1978 Photo, Back row: Joshua Cotter, Sheri Rueter, Rick Joswick Front row: Jonathan Gullery, Mark...

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Random Oakland memories

Here are some of my random Oakland memories. What are yours? This Sunday in LA church, Rick Joswick will testify about the early days of Oakland church. It will be available on video afterwards on Followed by an open mic for others to share their...

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