Blessed Children

The purpose of restoration history is to prepare a time for a True Adam and Eve, our True Parents, to emerge who are of a new lineage, God’s lineage, no longer connected to the fall. The Blessing from the True Parents and drinking the holy wine is the first step of engrafting sons and daughters into this new lineage. These couples have the chance to give birth to children not connected to the original sin that separated us from God. Raising the second generation of children is a humbling experience, and now many are grown and being matched, Blessed and having their own children, the third generation. What a joy!

Blessed Children Photo Gallery

Experiences with Blessed Children Testimonies

Hil Llanto, going through therapy can see who will recover

Hil Llanto had a severe stoke and now going through physical therapy can see who is going to be successful in rehabilitation because of their attitudes. He could see his own son who is in the autism spectrum persevere to make it on GPA. The secret you have to do...

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Sam’s children follow his path

Sam tells how his children have so much energy, especially his oldest son. Everything his son did was 100%, he is like Sam with ADD. It looks like his son is not paying attention and yet he remembers everything...

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Sam overcomes his father’s mistake

Sam’s dad shook him as a baby to stop me from crying, so growing up he couldn’t stand anything crying. “How could I become a father with crying babies?” Sharing with his wife allowed him to overcome his struggle. Keeping it in the dark gives our struggles power, and...

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Now, with Keith, we are best friends

I had my idea of who my husband would be, and it was not Keith. He didn’t fit my idea. I could have run away but didn’t. By the time we started our family we were starting to trust each other. Now in our old age, we are best...

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