Korea is a beautiful country that has been divided for over 60 years with the Cain and Abel spiritual forces fighting for dominion. It is the fatherland and motherland of our faith, the home of our True Parents and so also our homeland. The heart of Korea isĀ Cheong Pyeong where heaven and earth are connected. Many have traveled to Korea through the years to clear our spirits and to reconnect to our Heavenly Parent and our purpose on earth.

Making a film about the Blessing

Shared by Stephen Goldberg December 31, 2017 Stephen shares how he was approached by WFWP leader, Emma Reed, to make a film about the Blessing.

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Breakfast with True Parents

This is a response from Sam Harley's post about people offering us food. by Debra Gertz Thank you Sam. I love your testimonies! I think God knew that food was a way to touch your heart. I don't remember people giving me food while fundraising or witnessing, or while...

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