Reaching out to people interested in our teachings was a fundamental part of Unification Church life. It could range from handing out pamphlets, book tables, street lectures, inviting people to evening programs or workshops, adopting 360 homes in a neighborhood, returning to your hometown or just talking to people at work.

Witnessing Photo Gallery

The Lion’s Den

Sam Harley attends a Christian church group called the Lion’s Den where they grilled him about being in the Unification Church. They tried to show that Rev. Moon doesn’t believe in God and in the divinity of Jesus by taking a quote of Father out of...

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An Aussie in Mexico

by Randall Lay Tin March 5, 2018 A willingness to pay indemnity sometimes helps. I was the only Moonie with a Christian youth group on their walk into the hills (Queretaro, Mexico, 1980). Since it was late afternoon, the leader had a problem. He wanted to hurry...

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I was just about to punch him

by Jose Fragosa February 25, 2018 Jose, as a new member was on the Los Angeles witnessing team under Rev. Paul Warner. One day he had a bad headache and didn't want to get out of his sleeping bag to go out witnessing. He almost got in a fight with Rev. Warner's son...

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First person to join in Iran

Sharing from Mohammed (Matt) Jam December 3, 2007 Mohammed shares about being the first person to join in Iran in the 1970s. Susan Fefferman was instrumental in witnessing and keeping everything going in Iran. Other missionaries came from Germany and Japan but had...

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The True Story of these Sioux Blessing Couples

by Ron Pine I am the person who invited this group to our Conference.  When the Blessing opened for people I convinced them to attend the Blessing ceremony which they did.  Shortly afterwards the State Leader Jim Gavin asked Elaine Quiver if they will support a Grand...

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One month in prison in Iran

by Masoud Saberan August 20, 2017 Masoud shares about being arrested in Iran for distributing church books, New Hope and Principle of Creation, in 1980 one year after the Islamic revolution. He and other church members were put in prison along with other religious...

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by Sam Harley July 23, 2017 Sam shares the value of telling our own stories, that these are true to us and resonate with others because of the authenticity of a lived story.

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Going to hometown to witness

by Jose Fragosa July 23, 2017 Jose came back to his hometown and began witnessing to his family and relatives. He taught them Divine Principle in Camp Mazumdar, in his home, in their homes.

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Coimbatore, India

by Robert Brown In 1990 the church held a computer generated placement of where members should go for 40 days. These were larger cities all over the world. I was selected to go to Coimbatore, India, deep down in the southern part of India. I was excited to go and...

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