This is a response from Sam Harley’s post about people offering us food.

by Debra Gertz

Thank you Sam. I love your testimonies! I think God knew that food was a way to touch your heart.

I don’t remember people giving me food while fundraising or witnessing, or while working in the health food stores. The first thing that came to mind when I read your question was two experiences I had concerning food and God’s True Love.

1. when I was invited to Lady Dr. Kim’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, and 2. When after coming back from CPL I was invited by WFWP sisters to come to East Garden to have an amazing and delicious breakfast with True Parents.

The first experience with Lady Dr Kim at her home with Hyo Ban her daughter, and a few other members was so special. At that time, working in the church, I was longing for family, and it really moved my heart that God gave me such a loving home and family to be part of at Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is always very near my birthday, sometimes on my birthday. Amazing how God is always making situations to show us how much Heavenly Parent truly loves us.

The second experience at East Garden was really a Blessing. I was so happy to be with True Parents eating HEAVENLY FOOD, so good, and watching Father feed the fish in the pond there in the dining room at East Garden. It was built so that one wall is a rocky mountain sticking out of the wall, and there is a waterfall and pond right in the dining room! I was told that Father feeds the koi whenever he was at EG. It was the most beautiful dining room I have ever seen.

I had been really struggling at CP with the food there and being sick and all the ansu….you know how it is. So this breakfast at EG with sisters from WFWP and being with True Parents was truly heavenly.

At the end of the breakfast and meeting we took a group photo with True Parents….I have to look those up, sorry I can’t post it right now.

Thank you for tweaking my memories. The bottom line is that Heavenly Parent tries desperately to show us True Love whenever it is possible. God has to work through people and when the time allows