Church Centers

Each state in the United States had at least one church center. Many of the larger states had centers in all the major cities of the state. Each state had a State Leader and later after many of the Blessings, they would be led by a Blessed Couple. For many members their missions was working and living in a church center, involved in all their work. The church centers were engaged in witnessing, Divine Principle workshops, fundraising, clergy outreach, church messages to the various media, and outreach to politicians and social leaders on the city and state levels.

Church Centers Gallery

My first God’s Day

by Walter Lowe February 19, 2018 The first major holiday was quite different for me. Jan 1st, 1977. I was in Miami, Florida with Larry Ross, learning to do the ginseng business. The church center there had only three members: an 1800 couple (Mr and Mrs Midorikawa), we...

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After attacking Rev. Moon, Dad welcomes him

by Tom Cutts Sometimes the Christmas frontline can be in your own home. During Christmas 1984 True Father was in Danbury Prison, and I was the Regional Coordinator in Atlanta. The Regional Director granted me permission to visit my parents in Boca Raton, Florida. At...

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