Glossary of Moonish Terms

Author’s note: This is intended to be an informal guide to help people understand the jargon we – Unificationists, Moonies, family members – use as we tell our stories. It is not to be taken as authoritative, and it is definitely not an official publication of the church, movement or whatever else we may choose to call ourselves. I welcome suggestions and contributions, but attempts to debate may be ignored. Samuel Harley, founder: We Were There

3 blessings: To be fruitful, multiply and have dominion over creation.

First blessing: to be fruitful meant to achieve individual oneness with God through mind/body unity,

Second blessing: to multiply, starting with husband and wife centered on God, then forming a family, society, nation and world.

Third blessing: to form a relationship with the things of the world (creation) as God’s representative on earth

3 day ceremony: Ceremony to start sexual relationship, between blessed husband and wife, involving three acts symbolically restoring the fall of man, and placing husband and wife in correct relationship.


Moonish Glossary