See new testimonies below: Eight new testimonies from David Stadelhofer, Hil Llanto, Maryse Gallagher, Susana Ginze, Stan Paczynski, Sam Harley and Robert Brown

“We were there” is a site dedicated to record the experiences of the first generation on the front line and attending True Parents. This site is a repository of stories and photos and is a gift to the second generation and all future generations. We encourage all brothers and sisters to share your own special stories, testimonies, or memories with the world so these treasures won’t be lost. Please send in your written, audio, or video stories and photos. In the menu above, click on Share your story page to share your testimony or email it to


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We made an introductory video for our local “We were there” chapter in Los Angeles. Several members have shared their deep experiences in the movement.

In the video are Jose Fragosa, Caroline Cecile, Robert Brown, Hil Llanto, Susana Ginze and Sam Harley.