by Bill Christian
October 1, 2016
It took me a while to come to my first-weekend workshop. It was in the Fall of 1979, at 43rd Street Church, NYC. For more than a year, I attended daily Mass and rec’d Holy Communion asking Jesus what to do with my life? (I was witnessed to by PA Beltrami a few months prior. He came to my workplace with a job he needed for a client outside the church. He was working closely with Rev. Kwak at the time on the Green Book. He sent me a rough for my reading, and it interested me, as I had just turned to the Bible for study with no understanding beforehand.)
During the workshop given by Bento Leal I learned two things that resonated, and I bring with me to this day: Jesus did not come to die & if you don’t perfect here, you have to come back and work through a person like yourself and help them grow. Once they change, I would also get the merit. I reasoned then, although it is hard to change here, it would be much more difficult to get someone to change from there!
Honestly, to date, I haven’t been too successful at perfection. My wife and children can give testimony to that. But just this year I came to realize what True Love is: giving and not looking for any repayment! I never understood it before. I always thought to help others to change first and not look at myself. So I learned, instead of seeking to get others to do things I see wrong, I try¬† to do things myself first when I see things wrong around the house.
I don’t look for acceptance or a compliment or even a thanks. If I can totally succeed, still a work in progress, then I can become like our Parent, who brings the sun every day, along with the rain that feeds the soil to produce the food I need to survive for us believers or non-believers alike. And if I can help a stranger and bring a smile well then I’m the victor. By seeing through other’s eyes, I can be more patient while waiting in a long line by striking up a conversation with a stranger and share God’s love as we wait. By relieving the tension of the moment and turn it to God’s love, isn’t that the heart of a True Parent. That way we can be all victors, if we receive love back or not.