by Bengt De Paulis
Submitted July 31, 2018
Spiritual disclaimer: This presentation ”Creation of DP Slides”, is not to promote me as a person. But to Glorify the Victory that was won long time ago 1935-42 – in Spiritual World by True Father, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon – and is now coming through as a fountain of Spiritual Truths today 2008-…2024!
That is the foundation of Victory in Spiritual World working through me and many other brothers and sisters today…
“Each one of you is a small-scale messiah and you must show to the world that you love God and mankind more than anyone else in history.” /SMM 12.24.78
Ref: CBG Book3 page235-236
How my Sundays School slides started.
/Bengt de Paulis, Sweden – Finland
v. 2018
Standard form of My Lecture
 Starting Prayer
 ”Someone wants to share” what has happened
  during week – DP related or otherwise interesting
 ca 45min.
  ”Open” lecture – interrupting questions encouraged
   content from own slides
   or recent UC material – open for questions
 Final Prayer
I receive the inspiration often as mental pictures
  that then materialize through my hands as powerpoint slides.
It started around 2008 when I was teaching/discussing DP with 2nd Gen Sunday Schoolers.
Later I put the slides online for students and myself to be able to repeat and easy access.
 Slides online
Suddenly it went viral to my surprice and I got nice feedback from Africa, South America…
Some of the feedback;
Fabrice Zambia José Angola Patrik Camerun Nice feedback from Africa 2013
Faith Jones Nat Messiah Lima Peru Nice feedback from S. America 2013
Gary Fleisher @
Nice feedback from N. America Thanks for the wonderful files. They are now online.
Hello Bengt, I love your work very much. Thank you for putting it out here for us to learn from. /Insa Rose NY. USA 2015
John Gyasuma Hr manager at Chef de service du p… Follow @Bengt de Paulis I truely enjoy reading your slides documents and wish to translate them into French. Doing so will help witness our Holy True Parents worldwide. Dec 2015 R. of Congo
35. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016! May God our Beloved HP and TP bless you all. We are going thru the translation. As a christian Pastor, I am very interesting on all writings regarding TPs and Jesus. Don’t forget that it is our 5 % of portion of responsibility to clear up the misunderstanding between Jesus and SMM in the christian followers’ mind. Best regards, Fam John Gyasuma
Gary Fleisher @ Again nice feedback from N. America Hello Bengt, Everything is now online! Thanks for sending it. Your work is amazing. 2016
Dear Bengt I have put your presentation in a 3 ring binder and I gave it to Therese Laquerre Here she is with her husband Gérard Bouchard She thanks you for your beautiful work to document Rev Moon’s explanation about numbers. She is like a little girl in the candy store 2018 🙂
Some slide statistics;
Last 1 year 14603, ca 40 per day (good ol´ UC number) 😉
Top countries/views 1 year
United States        4,077
India                    1,046
Finland                711
Germany                700
Korea, South          398
source: Statistics
 If you feel the inspiration, start writing whatever inspires you, even simple things and surely more will come – Spirit World is ready!. – Thats how it all started for me.
Ending all slides with;
Remember the beauty in Gods nature is there to inspire the most Holy original inside us all!
Have a great Blessed week. Prepared for 2nd,3rd… Gen inspiration by Bengt. 🙂
My only long time worry…things can/and do change over a long time,
maybe is bought up and Free is no longer Free online – possibly removed

I will surely graduate upwards (hopefully) now 68. –
So please download and use/spread (without my name)
whatever you find meaningful – so some of the UC-historical content will remain maybe even a century from now 😉 

God Bless u ALL.

Bengt 🙂