by Ron Pine
I am the person who invited this group to our Conference.  When the
Blessing opened for people I convinced them to attend the Blessing
ceremony which they did.  Shortly afterwards the State Leader Jim
Gavin asked Elaine Quiver if they will support a Grand Parents workshop
and Blessing on Pine Ridge Reservation and they said NO.  Then the
Regional Leaded called Elaine and asked the same question.  And she
said NO again.  So the Regional Leader called me and asked if I would
speak with them.  So I called Elaine and asked her the question whether
they will ask 40 or more Grandparents to attend our workshop then
Blessing Ceremony.  I explain in Indian terms why it is important for
these couples to rededicate their marriages.  Then Elaine said yes we
could organize our workshop at their local high school.  Since I live
in California Jim Gavin would not invite me to attend the event.  So I
paid for my airline ticket and my rental car and hotel at my expense.
At the event the tribe had the local radio -broadcaster there, so
Elaine asked me to stand at the head of the line of people to speak to
the tribe by radio.  So I gave a presentation before Jim Gavin and he
became very upset.
Because of the success of this Blessing Ceremony the Church members
went door-to-door and Blessed another thousand couples.  After the
event Elaine Quiver explained to me the reason they listen to my advise
and request is they think my distant ancestors are Cherokee Holy men.
Several hundred years ago the Sioux Nation was next to the Cherokee
Nation.  Which means my ancestors would have live in both Nations.
Often they would have wives in both Tribes.  So I could have Sioux
blood.  This why Elaine and Red Cloud listen to me