by Sam Harley

June 16, 2017

Christmas, 1997. Brandon, a year and a half old, is standing barefoot and diapered staring up at the Christmas tree with an awe struck look on his face. We just finished decorating it, and he is taking in the twinkling lights and the multicolored ornaments, just blown away with it.

I’m looking at him, remembering when I was little, being filled with wonder at the Christmas tree. Now I’m watching him experience the same thing, and it’s bringing it all back for me. Then I feel over my shoulder, my dad is smiling, watching me experience my son’s awe. And over his shoulder, my grandfather is watching him and smiling. And great-grandfather is watching him, and on and on, like infinite reflections between two mirrors, a chain of fathers watching over their sons and smiling.

Fatherhood is forever. It makes us remember what is important.