by Ronald E. Pine

777 Blessing Couple

In 1981 I was the President of Going Up Press and we had a printing company in Belleville, New Jersey.  One day I had a dream where True Father was walking next to me down a long dark corridor and he stopped and took off his shoe and hit me on the head. That was my dream. Three days later I was at the printing company when True Father came to visit. I was asked to give True Father a tour of the facility. So, Col. Han told me to walk next to True Father and show him the printing company.

We began walking together down the long dark corridor where we stored printing paper. At that time I remembered my dream. So I touched True Father on the shoulder and stopped him. I then I told him about my dream three days early. I said, “Father in my dream three days ago you and I were walking down a long corridor together when you stopped and took off your shoe and hit me on the head.”  When he heard this he looked at me and then smiled and we continued on the tour. All during the tour he was happy and singing a tune to himself.

Later I was told by Col. Han the dream had been a real event and telling him was very important because when True Father was a young man he had the experience of his first wife taking off her shoe and hitting him several times in front of the early members.

After the tour True Father gave me $400 and said go take your members out to dinner and then he got into the car and left.

Ronald E. Pine

777 Blessing Couple