by Wolfgang Schawaller

October 25, 2017

From my 21 years mission experience I want to say what I learned most:
It is to respect and love other fellow-human-beings, because everyone is a child of God. Where I worked and lived, people always looked different from me, they had different colours; they spoke and behaved totally differently from were I came from, Germany. I became colour blind and open to other cultures, religions and traditions. All the cultures and different traditions have so many common elements anyway, and have so much to offer, to make on day this planet earth a place were there is no more war, poverty and crimes. And this I truly believe. But bottom line is: “Respect and love for others, which in divine translation is, to live for the sake of others“.

Photo: 1999, Posing with the tribe leaders of Mindenaou
(south of the Philippines)